This May Be Responsible for the High Suicide Rate Among White, American Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Today, being white and male are the two single greatest risk factors for suicide in the US. That’s according to the authors of: Explaining Suicide: Patterns, Motivations and What Notes Reveal. Psychology professor Cheryl Meyer, is among them. She says “hegemonic masculinity” is what’s killing these men. They try to live up to a social stereotype no one could measure up to. Not only that, their model doesn’t square with today’s world.

In 2015, two Princeton economists found that the death rate among white, middle-aged men, rather than falling, like with most other groups, was instead rising. The mortality rate for working class white men, between the ages of 45 and 54 had been steadily rising since 1999.

According to suicide prevention expert, Dr. Christine Moutier, white, middle-aged men account for 70% of deaths from suicide each year. Nine-tenths of them are from a lower socioeconomic class.    
Caucasian men have enjoyed white hegemony in the US. That’s changing. As the “Browning of America” takes shape, whites will become a minority, projected to take place by 2045. Although this may usher in more social equality, the loss of a given-at-birth superiority will chafe a certain segment of the Caucasian community.
They are trying to fit into a role that’s no longer supported by the real world. One way to overcome this, is to update our definition of masculinity for the 21st century. Another would be to build a more gender neutral society, where everyone is looked upon on an individual basis, despite their gender. Regardless of the path we take, men and society as a whole, must become less rigid regarding It's outlook on masculinity and somehow adopt a more pluralistic view.'

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... is the lack of suggestions that don't paint white men badly. "Born higher position", etc. Also notice the lack of suggestion to find ways to be of assistance to such men. Instead, the fix is to build a gender-blind society. Problem is, feminists will fight that tooth and nail. Hegemonic Feminism seeks to institutionalize female privilege above all else. This requires an obsession with gender, not a diminution of it.

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The one group that can be criticized mercilessly and unfairly is white males. They apparently are responsible for every bad thing that's ever happened to anyone since the beginning of time--and will be responsible until the end of time.

White men can have no legitimate issues, no legitimate concerns. Their problems are just the result of "loss of privilege," or something like that.

But these men have hearts and feelings just like anyone else. And when they're constantly told they're the cause of all the world's problems, well, maybe they start to believe it and decide death is the answer.

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. . . white men are suicidal are as follows:

1-We are tired of being treated like glorified work horses who have to work our fingers beyond the bone to provide for others who barely acknowledge the contributions, if at all
2-The amount of work we have to do as life progresses increases, as the amount of freedoms and sources of joy we encounter steadily shrink
3-In my case, and many others, a constant physical reminder carved into one's flesh to remind one that not only is your body not yours, no one cares that it isn't
4-Constantly being berated as being the source of the world's problems, even one's own, as Matt and el cid have pointed out
5-Being tricked into career paths that are unfulfilling, resulting in student debt and the choice of either doing a job one hates for a ridiculously paltry amount more than one earned as college student, or being perpetually poor

I suppose my situation is my own fault though. I should have just went MGTOW, never had a kid, and never set foot on a university campus. Boy, you guys were right about these warnings. I didn't listen and now I'm paying the price.

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... you have to learn through experience. To one who hasn't been through the LTR mill, the claims and warnings of MRAs can seem quite hyperbolic, almost very hard to believe. "Things can't POSSIBLY be THAT bad, can they??" So you go ahead and implement your rather idealistic, romantic plan: marry, reproduce, etc. Then you discover that you have been Trojan Horsed.

Back to reading MANN, etc., and there it all is, as you remember it: the warnings, the stories, some unbelievable indeed. But now you believe them. Experience, there is no better teacher, but she is a merciless task-mistress.

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Has nothing to do with the fact that men, from birth, are treated like dirt. It becomes worse the older they get. Women are socially allowed to belittle men and do so at every turn, while men are not allowed to say anything about women, true or not. Media images of men are always negative and men are always screwed in "family court". Trust me, there is no "family" in Family Law. Men are regarded as a bank. That's it. Even when the bank is seriously over-drawn they are still expected to pay. That's it. Pay, pay, pay. Society has been male-bashing for a few hundred years now and it's only getting worse with all of the female chauvinistic brain-washing that occurs in every university. Maybe if we treated men and boys with the same respect and dignity that we do women and empower them in the millions of ways we have done with females, maybe then the outlook for men and for women, would improve. Until then, men will continue to be forced to endure sexist domination and live lives of quiet desperation.

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