Feminist author Clementine Ford's sick note to a fan inside a copy of her latest book

Article here. Excerpt:

'Controversial feminist Clementine Ford has encouraged on a fan to 'kill men' in a handwritten note inside a copy of her latest book.

The Melbourne-based author and Fairfax columnist has regularly spoken about being the target of graphic abuse, trolling and death threats from men on social media.

But a picture shows that when signing one copy of her latest book, 'Fight Like a Girl', Ms Ford wrote to a fan: 'Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?'
In it, the mother-of-one urges 'all women and young girls - to take the emptiness and numbness they feel about being a girl in this world and turn it into rage and power'.'

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Basically she encourages ppl with serious mental health problems to convert their disordered thoughts into violent, rageful impulses.

She doesn't get the Advice Columnist of the Year Award.

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