Record Label Drops Band Over Its ‘Ugly Opinions’ on Feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'A record label has dropped the band Dream Machine after two of its members were caught expressing “ugly opinions” about political correctness, safe spaces, feminism and immigration.

In a Facebook statement yesterday, Castle Face Records criticized comments that musician couple Doris and Matthew Melton made during an interview with the French publication Still in Rock. While the California-based record label can’t pull the album it released in May, it vowed to donate profits from sales to charity.

“We’re horrified and ashamed by this, and we appreciate people being upset but respectful in letting us know how they felt about it,” the record label posted on Facebook.
On feminism:

Doris criticized “these horrible feminist bands” who she said write music about social justice but “don’t even know how to play their instruments.”

“The safe space mentality has made them weak. … They’ll make songs about being sexually assaulted or about how empowering abortions are or some sh*t, and it’s f*cking retarded, they’re embarrassing themselves,” she said. “If men did that they would be crucified!”

She also weighed in on radical feminists’ attitude toward men: “You see the longing for a gender supremacy under the guise of ‘equal rights.’”'

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I'm impressed to hear someone speak the truth and disappointed to see it being stomped upon by the corporate world. Sometimes telling the truth about female chauvinism opens peoples' eyes to the greatest injustice of the last three centuries; feminism. Feminism, or as it should be know, female chauvinism, is nothing more than a power grab by control freak women. If men were to do any of the things that are done under the guise of female chauvinism, they would be fined and jailed. Feminism is just institutionalized sexism. It's a female construct to dominate and control men. Sadly most of the world has fallen for its lies and the world is a much worse place today because of it.

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