Christina Hoff Sommers On Feminists, Eradicating Men, And Campus Culture Misery

Article here. Excerpt:

'Christina Hoff Sommers studies the politics of gender and feminism as an AEI resident Scholar, and is the host of the “Factual Feminist” video series. Sommers joins Ben Domenech on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the current state of American feminism and its increasing intolerance and aggression. Sommers explains concepts like the “matrix of oppression” maintained by feminists.

“When I was feminist in the ‘70s and ‘80s it was fun and about liberation,” she said. “And now it’s more about collecting grievances.”

Some factions of feminists go as far as to call for the eradication of men. “There’s so much goodness in people and if you’re going to categorize them by their gender and write them off as hateful, then you’re just missing out,” she said. “It’s just going to create a culture of misery and fear, and that’s what we are seeing on college campuses.”

Listen here:

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women (and other victimized groups) enter the workplace in ever increasing numbers and 'misery & fear' follow along like a little puppy. new laws targeting men req'd.

women (aovg's) pretty much take over the educational system and 'misery & fear' swoop in like vultures circling a dead/rotting carcass. men not wanted or needed. new laws targeting men req'd.

legal profession swamped by feminist lawyers/judges and chaos ensues. divorce courts about as one-sided as anything could get. care to pay a woman forever? false accusations of rape, molestation, d.v, etc. go unreported. civil suits (rewards system) abound. more m & f.

average marriage now lasts what... a coupla years? guess who files for the vast majority of divorces? guess who suffers the most (hint: the children). more misery & fear? yeah, for sure.

the media ditto above. results same.

I could go on and on w/ these examples. anybody else see a correlation here not being acknowledged? do we dare wonder why? pp much?

gosh, should I maybe wear my pink shoes today to match my tie? funny if not so sad.

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