False rape accusation leads to murder

Article here. Excerpt:

'Brooklyn resident Manos Ikonomidis was stabbed repeatedly after an unidentified woman told her boyfriend he raped her during a planned threesome encounter Monday evening.

The unidentified woman was engagedin a threesome with Ikonomidis and Jack Doherty when one of the men took out a camera and began filming. The woman became irate and demanded that Doherty take her home.

She then called her boyfriend and said that Ikonomidis raped her.

The victim was attacked by three unknown men, according to surveillance footage found on the scene. The attackers beat Ikonomidis with baseball bats before stabbing him three times in his chest and back, according to local police.'

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... into your own hands. Plenty of men face murder charges and long jail sentences because they want to play the hero to the distressed damsel. Even if said damsel is your wife or gf, don't do it, cowboy. And never let yourself be manipulated by a vindictive person, male or female, into doing something you'd normally never do. This is how men get used; just one way, but a big one.

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