Will Paris be the next city to crack down on 'manspreading' on the Metro?

Article here. Excerpt:

'"Manspreading" - the phenomenon of men spreading their legs too wide in their seats on public transport - is far from new, but since an official crackdown on the habit was announced in Madrid earlier this month, the question of whether Paris will be next has been raging.

City authorities appear aware of the problem.

"It's part of a sexist atmosphere that truly exists in the city and is a part of life for women that they incorporate into their lives," said Hélène Bidard, in charge of equality at the Paris City Hall.

"Today, they are starting to say, 'stop', we can share the public space equally. We are not obliged to submit to it and women are starting to say it on social media which is very useful," she said.
Clearly hoping to follow in the footsteps of the Spanish feminist group which instigated the crackdown in Madrid,Osez le feminisme asked transport users in the greater Paris region of Ile-de-France who are troubled by the issue to send a complaint to RATP, providing a template that could be posted in the customer spaces of the transport group's website.

"The RATP is in full denial about the reality, incapable of taking into account what women suffer on transport," Raphaëlle Rémy-Leleu, spokesperson for Osez le féminisme, told French news channel LCI. "The abuse, aggression, and also 'manspreading'. Faced with their contempt, we wanted to respond to them."'

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Cheese at every meal (including breakfast), wine of questionable quality lauded as nectar, again, at every meal, bread constituting an entire meal (again, at... well, not really...), and yes, plenty of public sex on subways, in parks, movie theaters, and of course, feined outrage from passers-by who would decry the loss of public morality and in the same breath find some way to blame the English, Americans, or both for it. And then... poetry. And long withdrawing pan-out shots accompanied by ten minutes of silence with the camera focusing on some common object in a room. Ahhh, France.

Did I neglect to mention 4-hour workdays and three months of paid vacation time, too, and that being criticized as insufficient?

Now look at it. Besieged by feminists and addicted to Internet porn, just like everyone else.

Is nothing sacred...

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