Canada’s ‘Feminist’ Aid Program Creates More Questions Than Answers

Article here. Excerpt:

'CANADA HAS LAUNCHED what it calls a “feminist international assistance policy,” which will see 95 percent of the country’s bilateral development and aid programs targeted toward women and girls by 2022.

“Canada is adopting a feminist international assistance policy to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls as the most effective way to reduce poverty and build a more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous world,” said Marie-Claude Bibeau, the minister for international development, when she announced the policy this month.

To the untrained observer, this is a bold step to address the waning fortunes of women’s rights under the new world order ushered in with the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, who blocked funding to overseas family planning programs within days of taking office.

But a critical examination of the policy raises important questions.
It also sends a confusing message to focus on women’s issues in conflict-ridden zones, such as South Sudan and Afghanistan, when conflict and instability affects all groups, including the families of these women.

The enjoyment of rights is contingent on a well-functioning society, and if society doesn’t function for all, it won’t bring progress for women and girls.'

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... of a society, so goes the society. A nation of impoverished men and relatively better-off women is a nation bound to be beset by many ills. One of them may not be that women are short on cash. But money isn't everything. Wealthy Mexicans, for example, must put the kind of armor plating on their cars found more generally on military vehicles. There is a reason for that. When women become poor and desperate, they may turn to prostitution, or may marry some guy they don't really love but who can support them. When men become poor and desperate, they are more inclined, lacking turning tricks and marrying up as an out, to start shooting people and taking their stuff. By "poor and desperate", I don't mean merely resentful because they can't afford cable TV. I mean, no prospects for work, few rights practically speaking, social immobility, and precarious food and shelter security.

Even if 80% of a developing nation's women have food and shelter security, if 80% of that nation's men do not... the women's food and shelter security will be tenuous at best.

Desperate women do desperate things: turn tricks, marry for money. Desperate men do desperate things: organize themselves into gangs, foment insurrection, lawlessness, and eventually, revolution. Canada's do-gooder crowd ought to consider their strategy for spreading peace and prosperity a bit more closely.

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To me, it's not much different than KKK members helping only whites and straights during a disaster or other hardship. Male is the new black, apparently.

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