Australia: Feminism’s latest victim: St Paul’s College

Article here. Google the first paragraph text to jump the paywall. Excerpt:

'The all-male St Paul’s College was the one valiant holdout against the university’s bid to stamp out masculinity on campus. But, last week, Australia’s oldest college quietly capitulated, after the NSW government disgracefully was enlisted to threaten its very existence using an ancient act of parliament.

Now the college is dejected and defeated, the gentle, well-loved warden, Rev Dr Ivan Head, has brought forward his retirement, while college council chairman Angelo Hatsatouris has stepped down.

The college has finally submitted to the emasculating $1 million feminist re-education program designed by former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Liz Broderick that has wreaked such havoc on other former traditionally male bastions of the Army, the Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police.'

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