Rolling Stone Settles With University Of Virginia Fraternity Over Rape Hoax Article

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rolling Stone has settled a lawsuit with the University of Virginia fraternity whose members were falsely accused of raping a female student in a Nov. 2014 article, The Daily Caller has learned.

A source involved at the national level with the fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, tells TheDC that Rolling Stone will pay $1.65 million to settle the defamation suit.

The magazine’s decision follows a settlement in April with Nicole Eramo, a University of Virginia associate dean who was also smeared in the article, which was written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

In the piece, “A Rape on Campus,” Erdely relayed the story of Jackie Coakley, a Virginia woman who claimed she was brutally raped by a group of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity members during a party in Sept. 2012.'

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I remember when the r.s. was a rag to be read.

now we make fun of it, and of course make jokes.

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and of course the obligatory lololololloololllol.

I did get a good belly laugh.

thx r.s.

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