Prediction: No 2017 graduation speaker will mention this – the growing ‘gender college degree gap’ favoring women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Now that we’re at the beginning of college graduation season, I thought it would be a good time to show the updated chart above of the huge college degree gap by gender for this year’s College Class of 2017 (data here). Based on Department of Education estimates, women will earn a disproportionate share of college degrees at every level of higher education in 2017 for the eleventh straight year (since women earned a majority of doctoral degrees in 2007). Overall, women in the Class of 2017 will earn 141 college degrees at all levels for every 100 men (up from 139 last year), and there will be a 659,000 college degree gap (up from 610,000 last year) in favor of women for this year’s college graduates (2.26 million total degrees for women vs. 1.6 million total degrees for men). By level of degree, women will earn: a) 164 associate’s degrees for every 100 men, up from 154:100 last year (female majority in every year since 1978), b) 135 bachelor’s degrees for every 100 men (female majority since 1982), 140 master’s degrees for every 100 men (female majority since 1987) and 109 doctoral degrees for every 100 men, up from 106:100 last year (female majority since 2007).
Here apparently is the standard approach to the goal of gender equity:

Rule A: Any outcome where women statistically represent less than 50% of a population (or if the women’s softball field bleachers are inferior to the boy’s baseball field bleachers) is a case of gender inequity, sexism, and/or discrimination that must be addressed with government investigations, awareness, public funding for women’s centers, legal action, regulation, legislation (Title IX), scholarships for women, etc. to correct the gender imbalances, with the ultimate goal apparently being gender parity.

Rule B: Any gender imbalance where women represent more than 50% of a population (e.g., higher education at all degree levels: associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees; degrees in certain fields like biology, psychology, veterinary science, nursing, education, etc.) isn’t really gender inequity, or at least it is gender inequity that doesn’t really count and can be completely ignored because those statistical gender disparities are a natural outcome of women being more talented than men, or naturally more interested/motivated than men in certain fields of study and careers.'

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that was designed originally to help victims (affirmative action, title ix, you name it) eventually turns hateful, discriminatory, and becomes the opposite of what it was meant to cure/fix.

then the people who get the freebies get hooked and become just as bigoted and nasty as those they first railed against. our forefathers warned about this whole perverse process. every day I become more appreciative of their wisdom.

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