Title IX Rule Keeps Boys Off Dance Team

Article here. Excerpt:

'It comes down to a Minnesota Title IX rule that says boys can’t be on the dance team, and since Minnesota judges were at the competition the Superior, Wisconsin team had to follow their rules.

“I was so angry, so angry because how is this possible that there’s this sort of discrimination? It’s discrimination against the males,” said Miranda Lynch, Johnson’s mother.

We spoke with Kevin Merkle, the Associate Director of the Minnesota High School Dance Team Association over the phone, he said the rule is meant to protect girls in sports.

“It precludes males from being on teams that are for females,” said Merkle.” It was brought in at the time of Title IX when girl’s athletics first started. The idea was to protect those teams, and not take opportunities from females.”

“Because of that law, it’s been on the books these years that females can participate on male teams but not vice versa,” said Merkle.

It’s a law that Johnson says is outdated, and needs to change.

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