Group that opposes due process will train college that violated exonerated student’s due process

Article here. Excerpt:

'A public university will put employees through a sexual-assault training program devised by an organization that opposes due process for accused students in campus rape investigations.

What’s surprising is that San Diego State University is doing this to settle a lawsuit by a student who was falsely accused of rape and allegedly denied due process.

Portugal-born Francisco Sousa was expelled by SDSU after a fellow student, Alexa Romano, accused him of rape in December 2014. (Romano told NBC San Diego three months earlier she was “scared of walking alone” after two reports of sexual assault the same week.)

When administrators investigated, they refused to let Sousa provide evidence that would have likely exonerated him, including text messages, social media posts and witnesses. It also named him as a suspect in a campuswide email.'

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