University student fights 'dating violence' expulsion

Article here. Excerpt:

'Yet another lawsuit by a male student claiming discrimination is prompting some to question whether universities are fair to all parties when investigating sexual assault claims.

In the latest case, a former student is suing the University of Notre Dame, claiming he was unfairly expelled three weeks before his graduation for unproven "dating violence" allegations. He contends that he never touched or threatened the former girlfriend who filed the complaint.

The lawsuit has student rights advocates questioning the legitimacy of university assault investigations processes. Even some victims advocates are calling for a change in the way universities handle cases.

"The fact that a university lawyer can present evidence against students (accused of assault) and students are not allowed to have a lawyer present is so unfair," said Jonathan Little, an Indianapolis lawyer who represents university sexual assault victims. "It cheapens the 90 percent of allegations that are true."'

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