Australia: Cinema cancels screenings of The Red Pill

Article here. Excerpt:

'A sold-out April 26 session at Dendy Newtown for The Red Pill, a documentary by US filmmaker Cassie Jaye, has been cancelled, and a session scheduled for Dendy Canberra on May 17 also appears to have been ditched.

The showings were organised by cinema crowdsourcing website FanForce. Dendy, the art house cinema chain owned by Mel Gibson’s Icon Film Distribution, did not respond to requests for comment.
“[At] the time of accepting the booking ... we were unaware of the content of the film. Although we are yet to see it, we have since become aware of the controversial nature of the documentary,” Palace wrote in a letter to Men’s Rights Melbourne.

“Much of the feedback that we have received assumes that the choice of film was our curatorial decision rather than that of the cinema hirer, which is potentially damaging to our credibility as we are yet to see the film so cannot stand by its contents in the face of the criticism we are receiving.'

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