The Landmark Sexual Assault Case You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Article here. Excerpt:

'On July 15, 2015, John won. Judge Joel Pressman threw out the university’s finding of responsibility and its sanction. “Due process,” Pressman wrote, “requires that a hearing … be a real one, not a sham or a pretense.” Pressman found that the disciplinary proceedings against John violated one of the most fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution: the right to confront and cross-examine his accuser. Pressman also faulted the panel for viewing Jane’s accusation “in a vacuum.” Jane’s decision to have sex with John later that same day, the judge wrote, did “not demonstrate non-consensual behavior.”

Pressman’s ruling amounted to a total condemnation of the university’s attempt to craft a fair process. Because the decision spoke to a larger controversy about the Obama administration’s pressure on schools to follow certain procedures to crack down on sexual assault, it made national headlines. Haberkorn fielded calls from reporters across the country. His face shrouded in shadow, John gave on camera interviews with CNN and the “Today” show.'

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