Last Week Showed The Clearest Problem With Modern Feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'People wonder why some of us are so unimpressed with modern feminism. To those people, I would direct their attention to the news that a Michigan doctor allegedly performed female genital mutilation (FGM) on multiple young girls.

More specifically, I’d direct their attention to the lack of attention feminists have given this horrific story.

The Department of Justice has charged female emergency room physician Jumana Nagarwala with performing FGM in the U.S. It alleges Nagarwala performed the procedures on “multiple minor girls.” Nagarwala is the first person to be charged in the U.S. under anti-FGM laws.

There has been no Twitter storm, no Facebook blowup and no calls for action. Slate hasn’t yet written about it. Salon, a highly-opinionated feminist website, took wire copy from The Associated Press. The Huffington Post wrote two pieces, one which made sure to point out that FGM predates religion, and another that mentioned the doctor in the first sentence, but then proceeded to rant about the patriarchy for six paragraphs.'

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... includes the deafening silence from feminists re MGM. While at least some people are getting understandably outraged at this so-called doctor's behavior, those same people may well have no problem with inflicting similar treatment on infant boys.

Hard to know what to be the most annoyed about with this one.

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the article seems to support MGM, based on my reading of the last paragraph.

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The feeble mind which wrote the article which rightly chastised the doctor that performed FGM, also wrote an article saying he was happy that the San Francisco circumcision ban bill did not pass. Ironically enough, because he feels that would infringe on people's religious freedom.

I guess the religious freedom of the child on the receiving end of the scalpel doesn't count in his mind. Yet another reason to hate the HuffStaPo.

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The author's ideological POV lacks consistency b/c the underlying driving force is the author's nymphotropic biases. He is simply fine with the vacation of males' fundamental human rights and not females'. Simple, direct nymphotropism in action, leading to glaringly cognitive dissonance-typed positions.

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