Canada: Media not telling the truth about Ghomeshi accusers

Article here. Excerpt:

'Former CBC radio star Jian Ghomeshi betrayed no emotion as he learned he had been found not guilty of all charges in connection with his high profile trial Thursday.

Ghomeshi, who faced four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcome resistance by choking, was acquitted based on Justice William B. Horkins’ assertion that there was “outright deception” in the testimony brought forth by three complainants.

“The success of this prosecution depended entirely on the court being able to accept each complainant as a sincere, honest and accurate witness,” Horkins said in his decision.

“Each complainant was revealed at trial to be lacking in these important attributes. The evidence of each complainant suffered not just from inconsistencies and questionable behaviour, but was tainted by outright deception.”

All three complainants were present with lawyers and numerous supporters in the courtroom during Horkins’ reading of his decision, while Ghomeshi’s family sat in the front row behind him.'

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