Can feminism possibly be less likable than it is now?

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the latest attempts to lift the feminist debate out of the mire and into the fresh air is the call for feminists to be less likeable, more radical, and, for our “male feminists,” to be on guard against the “toxic societal model of masculinity.” There’s only one problem: Modern feminism has never been likeable, because it refuses, as an ideology, to be fact-based and straightforward. No amount of male acrimony or female charisma can save a cause that’s as repulsive as it is factless and misguided.
Part of the lack of political correctness in the current movement, or any real progress or direction thereof, is due to its ability to function essentially without either goalposts or facts to back up its wild assertions. Thus, modern feminism is left to the emotions of feeling unequal but used, loud yet voiceless, and as a result, it has become anything but likeable or even understandable.'

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