Huffington Post Uses Flawed Data From Elizabeth Warren’s Office in Failed Attempt to Erase Her Gender Pay Gap

Article here. Excerpt:

'Salary data provided by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office to outlets such as the Huffington Post paint a misleading picture of employment in the Massachusetts Democratic senator’s office and fail to disprove the fact reported Tuesday that Warren paid men significantly more than women in 2016.

Warren’s office failed to respond to numerous emails from the Washington Free Beacon for the Tuesday report, which found that the median salary for men that worked for Warren in 2016 was $21,000 higher than the median salary for women.

Instead it reached out to the Huffington Post, a liberal publication owned by telecom giant Verizon, which on Wednesday published an article titled "No, Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Pay Women Less Than Men" that said the Free Beacon "misleadingly accused" the Massachusetts senator of gender pay inequality by using "incomplete data."'

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