Canada: Christie Blatchford series on "Broken Family Courts" - Ont dad pays twice income to ex-wife

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two different Ontario Superior Court judges have found that Rob. R., an Oshawa-area father of two, is in effect the proverbial stone from which no more blood can be drawn after and Ontario father complained that he was paying twice his after-tax monthly income to his ex-wife.

Judge Paul Nicholson, in a Nov. 28, 2016 decision, wrote that Rob is “currently suffering dire financial circumstances” and “appears to have been suffering financially for some time.”

Rob had been seeking “a motion to change” a punishing original support order that requires him to pay twice his after-tax monthly income. His ex promptly brought a motion for summary judgment, which requires the judge to find there’s no real issue for trial and which can be dismissed from the bench.
“The imputed income as it is used to determine support is no longer accurate as it no longer reflects the applicant’s (Rob’s) financial reality,” Ferguson said in her June 20, 2013 decision, dismissing his ex’s efforts for summary judgment.'

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