Reject campus feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'Organizers of January's Women's March on Washington made a concerted effort to target college-aged women with their messaging — and with good reason. While only 23 percent of American women identify as feminists, 47 percent of millennial women do.

Unfortunately, policies supported by modern feminists have proved particularly bad for young women.

Many of today's young women struggle with significant student loan debt and have a hard time finding a job that will get them out of mom and dad's basement. About 42 percent of women have more than $30,000 in student loan debt, compared to just 27 percent of men.

This could be a result of the increase we've seen in the number of women pursuing higher levels of learning. But significant student loan defaults among this group indicate that women may not be getting a good return on investment. Women are vastly overrepresented in majors that are known to have low returns on investment, such as gender studies or social work.

Yet the feminist movement encourages more young women to pursue these degrees. Their solution is to advocate for further government assistance through policies such as free public college and loan forgiveness while doing nothing to put pressure on colleges to keep prices in check.'

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When men get into debt from college, most work harder/smarter to make more money to pay it off. When women do the same, too many start lobbying the gov't for "loan forgiveness" (ie, get taxpayers to pay the debt), or look around for a man or men to pay it or help pay it (the popularity on college campuses of such web sites as and speaks for itself) rather than making the right decisions to avoid the debt trap in the first place.

Oh, I agree college today is outrageously expensive. Unis have turned into simple diploma mills. A college education used to be difficult to get not because of the price but because the coursework was very challenging. Not just any idiot could get through four years even at a relatively minor school. It took brains and "sit-flesh" to do it. Now, grade inflation is the norm and just about any dunce can skate through college.

To add to the foolishness, PC culture has taken hold and universities have become all but useless exercises in wasted time and money.

Sad to see this has happened.

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