PH Cosmo: Why I No Longer Call Myself A Feminist

Article here. This article was published in the Filipino edition of Cosmopolitan. It's long but definitely hits some nails on their heads. Excerpt:

'"Being a feminist doesn’t mean the person hates men—it means the person is for gender equality!" So the line goes, which I’ve said countless times over the past few years as I called myself a feminist and believed that others—everyone—should too. But in the past year, it dawned on me how insidious feminism is and can be. Feminists mock boys or men, in spite of their saying they’re not man-haters. They rally for their cause and ask others to do too, but they support it with false information.

It’s easy to say that feminism has imperfections like any other movement does and leave it at that. I’d rather not.

My critique of the feminism many Internet users are exposed to will be divided into: 1) that feminists can be sexist, 2) that feminists today spread false information as they fight for “equality” in society, and 3) that feminism affects or neglects men and their rights. I’ll get ahead of myself and say I don’t approve of any of that because none of those help create a fair society. And if being a feminist today means doing any of those three, I’m out.'

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