Chilling PSA Features Men Discussing ‘The One That Got Away’

Article here. Excerpt:

'“Who’s the one that got away for you?”

That’s the question asked in a new PSA to three men. Instantly, each man remembered the “one that got away” and all three began reminiscing. While it sounds like three broken-hearted men, this PSA is about a much darker side of love and relationships.

Created by Canadian ad agency Union, the PSA was published on Valentine’s Day for Interval House, the first shelter for abused women and children in Canada. The haunting video slowly shows how possessiveness can actually be a subtle sign of abuse.

Each actor’s description of “the one that got away” starts out romantic and then becomes more and more controlling. “I miss her smile, I miss her friendship,” one man said, with another adding: “I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep” when they broke up.'

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... of cases where a woman leaves a man because he isn't possessive enough of her. Oddly, some women think that possessiveness from a partner shows emotional investment, hence they want it. And I suppose it can be a sign of that, or indeed be a sign of a problem with insecurity that the possessive person has. I tend to view it as the latter.

Still, possessiveness is not an uncommon trait of women, too, maybe moreso. Ever been with a woman who flips out if you so much as speak to another woman? It's so common, it's a caricature of itself. And yet, no PSAs about that.

Personally, if someone is in my life and she decides departing it will make her happier, I am all for it. After all, shouldn't loving someone entail you wanting them to be happy? Cheerfully letting someone exit your life, offering them no grief as they do, can be an act of love, esp. if it is they who desire it. Good luck, I say, and may you find the happiness you seek.

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Here's one of the comments:

"The difference is that when women commit violence they are doing so in the context of a patriarchy that theatens their very survival every day. Will today be the day that daddy touches me or hurts me? Will today be the day that daddy hurts mommy again? A caged mama elephant will lash out at her circus handlers, but she is always innocent."

It doesn't matter what she does. She's always innocent--even when she hits first. After all, she's a woman. In a patriarchy. So she's always innocent.

Oh, and he's always guilty. Because, as we all know, deep down inside men are always bad. Especially in a patriarchy.

Perhaps all women should stay away from all men. And all men should stay away from all women.

I think that's the world feminists dream of. They're getting closer to it by the minute.

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Once sex-bot technology catches up with the market demand, and then after some time prices drop, the more financially-endowed men in western society will likely more often as not opt for a realistic android sex partner vs. a live human one. They are safer. They don't pester you into marrying them, nor divorce you. Alas for women looking for men to finance them, the ones most able to do so will no longer have to.

Once the technology permits of it, I can see a day when a general *apartheid* of the sexes occurs simply because people (of both sexes) may decide that their risk level drops should they do so... provided the price to pay is tolerable. Sex-bots will help move that along.

Of course, to imagine that such a world can exist generally throughout Earth is naive and fanciful. It would be limited to the developed world and even then among only those of a certain class/classes. Sure to do a number on the already dismal reproduction rate.

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