Feminists wage war against romance on Valentine’s Day

Article here. Excerpt:

'Valentine’s Day, we are told by a feminist blogger, is “a consumerist holiday, personified by patriarchal and heteronormative traditions which reinforces sexist stereotypes.” The anonymous 25-year-old assures her readers that she is “a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man.” This is fortunate because, apparently, no man needs her. She is alone and unloved, eating chocolate and watching Netflix while scrolling through profiles on the Tinder dating app — and this is what feminist “success” looks like.

An entire vocabulary of jargon phrases has been created by feminists to express their contempt for all things male and/or heterosexual. It is “sexist” to believe that women enjoy romance — cards and gifts, flowers and candy, etc. — and it is “heteronormative” to think that any woman might actually desire male companionship. Because the feminist is a “strong, independent woman,” she must regard males as utterly useless, insofar as she does not actively hate males as evil oppressors. “We identify the agents of our oppression as men,” Shulamith Firestone and her comrades in the feminist Redstockings collective declared in 1969: “All men receive economic, sexual, and psychological benefits from male supremacy. All men have oppressed women.”

Heterosexual romance is harmful to women, according to feminist theory: “In terms of the oppression of women, heterosexuality is the ideology of male supremacy.” Feminism has produced a thesaurus of phrases — “misogyny,” “objectification,” “harassment,” “rape culture,” etc. — which are more or less interchangeable as pejorative synonyms for normal male attitudes and behaviors. “Hegemonic masculinity,” for example, was coined by an Australian professor, Robert Connell, in his 1987 book, Gender and Power, in which he confessed he had “been uneasy with conventional masculinity almost as long as I can remember.” Connell was married to a feminist organizer, but he subsequently got a sex-change operation and became known as “Raewyn” Connell. “Hegemonic masculinity,” we are informed by Wikipedia, is “the culturally idealized form of manhood… socially and hierarchically exclusive.”'

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Women, just start buying men flowers and candy for V's Day. Take us out to dinner.

We promise not to object.

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looks like today's tie wearing, pink shirted metro-guy not only needs to have a legal forms and terms icon at the ready on his latest tablet/handheld, he needs to have mr. webster ready to look up the latest fem-term they just invented, or a reference on how he just accidentally offended/victimized her. maybe a list of ways (gifts) he can get to placate her wrath would also be a handy item.

yep, there is small hope for the future of romance/marriage if women keep the more 'militant' feminists in the loop, or if marriage (and divorce) continues to be anything but 50/50. their opinion is about as helpful to a healthy marriage culture as a phone book full of divorce lawyers.

fyi, I believe Mardi Gras parades/parties start today and culminate on the 28th. see ya thar.

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