UK: Iain Duncan Smith thinktank in ‘fatherless society’ warning

Article here. Excerpt:

'Britain is facing a “crisis of fatherlessness” in which almost half of all children born today will not be living with both parents by the time they are 15, the new chief executive of the thinktank founded by Iain Duncan Smith has warned.

Andy Cook, who runs the Centre for Social Justice, which is chaired by the former cabinet minister, argued that regular contact with a father figure reduced criminal behaviour in children and boosted cognitive skills including reasoning and language development.

Cook claimed there was too much of a “throwaway culture” to parenting, adding: “Over the last 40 years, the meteoric rise in family breakdown has blighted the lives of the poorest children the most. The relationship children have with their father affects their self-esteem, how well they do at school, even whether they are able to form happy, long-lasting relationships as adults.”'

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I looked at the comments and most seem negative. However, a lot of those seem directed at the founder Iain Duncan Smith, rather to the idea. But some are directed at the idea as well. You see, if we say kids needs dads, that might be seen as being critical of single mothers. Can't have that, can we?

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