Teacher jailed for 30 years for sexual misconduct denied parole

Article here. Excerpt:

'A SEX-CRAZED teacher jailed for romping with three pupils has lost her bid for freedom.

Brianne Altice, who was caged for up to 30 years, blamed “self-esteem issues” for her crimes.

And the mum-of-two, 37, claimed she had taken responsibility for what she did and was “extremely remorseful”.

But a parole board has refused to let her out of prison until at least another hearing in April 2019.

She has also been ordered to complete a two-year sex offender treatment programme and pay £600 towards counselling for her victims.

Altice was described by one of her teen lovers as a “teacher with benefits” as they continued sessions AFTER she had already been arrested for under-age sex.

Romps behind her husband’s back included one in a church car park.'

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