Attempted Murderer ‘So Proud of Herself’ After Randomly Stabbing Nurse 21 Times

Story here. That face. Excerpt:

'A Texas woman who wrote that she got a “high unlike any other” from stabbing another woman 21 times has been sentenced to prison, PEOPLE confirms.

Pearl Moen, who was 17 at the time of the seemingly random November 2015 attack in Austin, Texas, will serve 15 years behind bars, the Travis County District Attorney said in a news release. She was sentenced on Friday.

Prosecutors said Moen’s diary entries show she stabbed her 23-year-old victim, a nurse, because she wanted to see what it would feel like to kill someone. Moen has a history of drug use and psychological issues but no previous criminal record, the DA’s office said.

“I stabbed an innocent woman to death earlier today … It was absolutely fantastic,” Moen wrote in her diary, according to prosecutors. “Murder gives me a high unlike any other, it feels like this crisp unreality, flashing and sparkling, adrenaline and shock.”

“How do I even go about describing it. The whole thing was unreal,” she added. “I’m so proud of myself."'

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