Manthreading, mansplaining, manflu - man I'm sick of this misandrist nonsense

Article here. Excerpt:

'We all accept that gendering negative behaviour traits like "nagging" or being "bossy" is an unacceptable double standard when the same is celebrated when exhibited by men. So why do we allow some behaviour in men to be deemed negative or problematic, while ignoring it in women?

Last week Alana Hope Levinson wrote for Gizmodo, which has a Twitter audience of 2 million. Alana used this audience to highlight a new form of oppression: manthreading.

Manthreading - or as it's also known, "threading" - is linking together a series of tweets, when you want to say something in more than 140 characters. Threads are usually signposted - "this is a thread". Sometimes they're numbered.
There's no problem with having an issue with threads, but there is with gendering the phenomenon. Is this manthreading? Is this? No. It's sexist to problematise behaviour in one sex and not the other.'

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