Feminism Makes Weak Women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Feminism claims to stand for two things above all: women's equality and enabling women to be strong.

Regarding the first aim, no decent man or woman opposes the concept of equality of the sexes. But people who do not call themselves feminists have a problem with the feminist notion of equality: Most feminists have conflated equality and sameness. And that's a huge mistake; the sexes are equal, but they are different.

A second major problem regarding the feminist claim of aspiring to women's equality is that feminists frequently provide false evidence to prove that women are not treated as equals.

The best-known example is the false statistic that American women earn about 25 percent less than men when they do the same work for the same amount of time.'

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Please enjoy your non-sequitur.


'Female vervet monkeys manipulate males into fighting battles by lavishing attention on brave soldiers while giving noncombatants the cold shoulder, researchers said on Wednesday.

After a skirmish with a rival gang, usually over food, females would groom males that had fought hardest, while snapping at those that abstained.

When the next battle came along, both those singled out for attention and those aggressively shunned would participate more vigorously in combat, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Female grooming and aggression "both appear to function as social incentives that effectively promote male participation in intergroup fights", a research team from Switzerland and South Africa reported.'

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I'm sure that some time later the female monkeys blame the male monkeys for being warlike, even when they encouraged that behavior earlier. Sort of like women handing out white feathers to men who didn't want to fight WWI; later men got blamed for war.

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