Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax says he had consensual sex with woman who accuses him of assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax on Monday said he had a consensual one-night stand with a woman in 2004 who now accuses him of sexual assault, saying that he is the victim of a political “smear.”

“Everything was 100 percent consensual. Not only that, the same person called me sometime later and wanted to meet with me, wanted to come visit me … wanted me to meet her mother,” Mr. Fairfax told reporters in Richmond.

Attributing sinister motivations to his accusers, Mr. Fairfax said he took Biblical advice and donned “armor of God” that “allows us to deal with the devil’s schemes and tricks.”

The sexual assault allegation swamped Mr. Fairfax as he stood poised to become governor if Gov. Ralph Northam heeds unrelenting calls to resign over a racist yearbook photo.'

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Here goes: the Dems are the party of #BelieveAllWomen and feminism, etc. Also the party of racial sensitivity and inclusion, unless you're not included for some reason. And they seem fairly uninterested in religion unless it's a matter of religious freedom for one religion in particular. That religion is neither Xianity nor Judaism.

Anyway, a Dem. gov. made comments supporting neo-natal infanticide as part of abortion rights. He could've claimed it as hyperbole post facto but held to his statements.

Then it was revealed that at least for part of his adult life long after racism became unacceptable, he appears to have been a rather committed racist. Or, at least, he didn't take the topic too seriously.

This created calls for him to resign. He has refused. Some calls are from Dems but most are not. Most Dems are silent on it.

His successor would have been fine esp. since he is black except for one thing: he has been accused of sexual assault.

He denies it and attributes the accusation to political malice and further invokes divine protection using decidedly Xian imagery.

So. Where exactly is any integrity to be found here? If you're the party of zero tolerance on racism, why doesn't your offending member resign when caught red-handed? Why if you're the party of #MeToo do you not DQ an accused person immediately?

As for religion... tangential in this case to the point of not even being too relevant.

But you get the idea.

Where is Nancy P on all this anyway?

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where the next unblemished in line is a black feminist woman? another regressive coincidence?

today on 'outnumbered' the token feminist spouted the impossible and incredibly naive '98% of sexual accusations against men turn out to be true' mantra. the way feminism spreads resembles a virus, where those infected become like religious zombies. g-d help us the day zombies learn to do math.

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