Florida Stripper Arrested After Threatening Mass Shooting

Article here. More along the lines of humor. Yes, even strippers in Florida can be nutty. Excerpt:

'Another arrest has been made following a shooting threat on social media.

A Florida stripper has been charged with threatening a mass shooting.

Lakeland Police say 31-year-old Brien Basarich posted about her homicidal urges on social media under the username “taking-lives.”

According to an arrest affidavit, she said she had a vision of a bar or club with only one entrance and exit and that she planned to purchase an AR-15 “soonish.”

Bay News 9 reports she described herself as a great admirer of serial killers and mass murderers.'

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I'd fuck her. Then I'd get away fast. Cute but crazy af. To be fair, the crazy ones are the best fucks. But alas, often aren't worth the price. :)

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