Tucker Carlson's analysis re the "ruling class" points up the status of men

In 15 minutes Tucker Carlson tore "the ruling class" of America a new one and laid out the truth/reality everyone is avoiding looking at. Of course getting our "elites" to change their wicked ways in time to stave off a lot of badness is another matter. But he hit the nail on the head.

I would embed the video but the latest version of Drupal seems to have problems with iframe markup. But do click the link to watch it. Well worth the time.

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Sex is no longer determined by sex. It is determined by the box checked on the birth certificate. Birth certificates no longer record facts. They make them up. If two women are listed on a birth certificate, the two women are now the legal parents of the child. If the birth certificate says a man is a woman, he is now a woman.

This is the result of the gay and transgender movement.

I wonder: if a couple has a boy but wanted a girl, will they ask the doctor to check the box "Girl" and then set about giving the child transgender therapy to turn the boy into a girl? That's a scary thought, but it seems to be where we're headed. We condemn FGM, but apparently think it's okay to chemically castrate little boys. Why?

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Please don't lump in gays with transgender people.

Trust me, there are plenty of gay people who are just as disgusted as you by parents trying to force boys to be girls or vice-versa. It is child abuse!

Gay men care about men, after all. So, why would they be okay with what is clearly just another form of misandry?

Unfortunately, some gays are very vocal, in your face, and just full of progressive nonsense to spew. Most, however, are not. Please don't stereotype all of them.

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