Progressive activists ruined Father’s Day

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sorry dads, but if you weren’t willing to take on Progressive immigration policies or address your so-called toxic masculinity, you weren’t allowed to enjoy Father’s Day. Actually, if you follow the advice of many of the Left’s most extreme voices, you should have spent yesterday apologizing to all of mankind. Strike than: humankind (no more gendering words!).
Second: toxic masculinity!

That’s the new phrase Progressive feminists like to throw out there, an attempt to blame men (straight, white men, in particular) for every societal or even personal woe. And boy were these activists triggered. Father’s Day? You mean for men!? Haven’t the straight, white patriarchy benefitted enough!?!? We can’t celebrate them!

So rather than take a moment to celebrate the fathers and father figures in our life, we had to get angry and political. NBC News declared, in what I promise isn’t a satirical piece:

This weekend is Father’s Day, a holiday typically celebrated with displays of testosterone and gendered clichés. It’s also as good a time as any to acknowledge that there is indeed a crisis of masculinity. But it isn’t caused by feminism and changing gender norms. Rather, men experience violence and oppression because norms are not changing. And it is, in general, powerful men who enforce these unhelpful and sometimes dangerous masculine expectations, not tyrannous feminist women.
Unfortunately for the dads out there, these thirsty Progressive activists needed attention and you were the victims. Because Progressive activists have to ruin everything.'

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I heard a lot of "Happy Fathers' Day"s from ppl this past FD. They assumed perhaps based on my age that I must be a father. And I also heard a fair bit of dad-positive stuff on the radio too. Possibly the ppl in general are coming to realize the importance of dads in kids' lives now that the chickens are roosting and perhaps a bit more gratitude is being shown, except of course from periodicals like MSM papers which have in general been colonized by leftists/feminists. Still, too little, too late. The die is cast. TBH I don't see it getting better too soon. The question of the value of parental roles in general is likely to become largely moot once the trend of parents being a minority of adults gets established, something we're heading toward. Mothers' Day will one day be as blase as Fathers' Day has become.

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