Yale "trial" report

Article here. Excerpt:

'You could not ask for a more glaring contrast between campus and criminal justice measures of acceptable sexual behavior than those revealed by the recent trial of Yale student Saifullah Khan.

I should know: I sat through the entire seven-day trial because Khan’s parents were not able; as a mother myself, I could not imagine my child enduring such a terrifying experience alone.

As co-president of Families Advocating for Campus Equality, a nonprofit that supports students accused of sexual misconduct on campus, I have met hundreds of students like Khan, caught up in a political and ideological tidal wave leaving devastation in its wake.'

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Not surprising. What used to be called the humanities, or liberal arts, has become two things: economically untenable, ie, a degree in these subjects doesn't return the investment in money and time required to get the degree, and second, these areas/depts have become a liability to the universities bc of the very troublesome kinds of ppl they are spawning. The admin'ns are losing control of the institutions they run due to irrational dissent and agitation coming from their ranks. No scorpion allows its tail to sting itself now does it? The scorpion would sooner cut off its own tail than let it sting itself. We'll start seeing more and more of these drastic measures take place as the SJW crowd becomes increasingly emboldened by their successes at turning college campuses into bizarre leftist enclaves of irrationality that threaten the governability and futures of the institutions they have taken root in.

Fair to say that faculty and students who view the unis themselves as institutions antithetical to them in whatever significant ways are, as far as the uni admins are concerned, like parasitic infestations. They feed off the host while returning nothing to it or returning poisonous substances. The host must either destroy the parasites or die from them.

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