Child support prosecution drives man to jailhouse suicide

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Cary man who was found unresponsive in his McHenry County Jail cell Friday, Nov. 17, committed suicide amid overwhelming financial stress caused by court-ordered child support payments, according to a source close to the family. Thomas Doheny, 51, of Cary, was found by jail staff in his single-occupancy cell at about 8:10 p.m. Friday.
Doheny had been held at the jail since Nov. 1, when he was taken into custody in contempt of court. He was in court dealing with a divorce filed against him in 2014, according to the source who was close to Doheny but wishes to remain anonymous.

"The judge just got upset and incarcerated him," the person said. Formerly quite wealthy, Doheny was working to reduce the $20,000 monthly child support payments to his ex-wife, which he could not afford, according to the source.

"He doesn't make that kind of money. He did five years ago, but his situation has changed," the source said in a Nov. 14 email to a local newspaper as part of an inquiry about the legality of child support payments from incarcerated parents.'

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I hear tell that for enough money, there are people in the world who can create a new identity for you. Google it.

After all, if the FBI can create a new identity for people in the WPP, it is obviously do-able. It stands to reason others can do it for you too.

With dads being persecuted by vindictive exes and courts shamelessly enabling and abetting them, a man in this position has to decide if being him is worth it. If tomorrow, Tom Smith wakes up as John Jones, and in a different city with a different address and a resume similar to his old one but only with different employers on it... or he's able to get work w/o anything like a resume... he's better off being a "new man" than a dead one.

This is just a practical suggestion. The courts and vindictive exes won't let up any time soon. The practical solution set doesn't include murder, nor suicide. Sometimes the best strategy when faced with a superior opponent is retreat. If indeed you were unarmed, face to face with an 800-lb. gorilla in a jungle, does standing and fighting make sense when attempting to befriend him fails and he clearly intends to use you as a practice dummy for brushing up on his hominid-clobbering skills? Doesn't turning tail and skedaddling make perfect sense? Ex-wife plus legal system equals 800-lb. gorilla.

Would I do the same in such a situation? You betchya. I can either get thrown into jail for the crime of being a no-longer-valuable vector in the national economy or I can be Stephen J. Johanssen, Jr., of Tulsa, OK who attended the U. of Santa Monica and has spent the last 20 years selling supplemental health insurance plans to old people in Des Moines, and I just moved to a low-profile midwestern town in Minnesota. I rented a 1-room apartment and have already adopted 2 stray cats. Wow, life's better already!

See, it's that easy. And it beats the hell out of a self-inflicted death by hanging in a prison cell.

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alimony can be just as costly, last forever, and be just as deadly.

you could ask Robin Williams if he were still alive. when he died some of his closest friends say he killed himself because of the three (3) huge alimony payments he was making to his x wives. the 4th was seeing a lawyer too. odd how they can do everything a man can do except be responsible for themselves financially. the p.c. police have pretty much refused to publish anything about Robin having to take every acting job that came along towards the end. his original estate was quickly being ravaged. oh, and don't think for a minute these beautiful, sweet, charming etc. x's will get remarried any time soon. my son's x gr. father is saddled w/ alimony payments of well over $10k a month, for the rest of his life.

hit the road to avoid paying outrageous sums? u betcha. I could even see another country as a means of avoiding this scam.

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... get married, esp. if you are a well-off man. Marriage is a foolish choice for a man well over 99% of the time. It is all risk and little or no reward.

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